Summer - Grooming practice

General / 30 June 2020

This project was made for Maya Modules class with Philip Duncan. Even though it didn't require a model I had practiced photogrammetry on the break prior to start of the term and decided to use that model for the class. Here's my final, her name is Summer

I bought this photogrammetry pack from 3d Scan Store for practice and assembled it in Agisoft Metashape.
After clean up in Zbrush model looked like this

So for the class I made a quick photobash concept, I wanted a character in leather jacket to practice in Marvelous Designer later (didn't get a chance yet) so I was considering two options: outfit with jeans:

or dress:

rough kitbash sketches:

Ended up picking jeans.
For the hair I wanted something simple but a bit messy so I found this one on Instagram.

My main ref board looked like this:

 And even tho the purpose was to practice grooming in XGen I still wanted to give my character name and personality to connect with her. That made the process much more enjoyable and playful. I hope I could return to this project someday and experiment more with hair and clothing. Will post more renders soon hopefully, but for now—back to Demo Reel.

Thanks for reading!